Packaging Machines

Short Profile

In October 2015, the program of packaging machines of Piltz Maschinen GmbH Dresden was integrated into the portfolio of GK Sondermaschinenbau GmbH.

Thus, after more than 40 years of leadership by family Piltz, the successful continuation of production and development of modern packaging machines and systems has been ensured. Employees and Know-how entered to GK Sondermaschinenbau.

Piltz packaging machines are characterized by good productivity, quality, sturdiness and high operator convenience. They operate according to intermittent working principle and, dependent on the individual customers requirements, are available in different sizes. State-of-the-art servo technology and stainless execution provide our customers high comfort and maintainability as well as a smooth operation even at high-demanding industrial fields such as food and pharmaceutical areas.

Range of Services

Our Portfolio includes:

4-Side-Seal Sachet Machines

Stickpack Machines

Cartoning Machines

Dosing Systems

Packaging Lines

Accessories (e.g. Sachet-Tester)